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    Andrea "Andy" Marchisio

    Instrument: VOX
    Highlord member since: 2001
    Other bands: Ex Desdemona, Warnipples
    Live gear: Shure wireless mic & some kind of me (Ego, ego, ego...)

         Marco Malacarne

           Instrument: Guitars
           Highlord member since: 2016
           Other bands: Ex Soul Mask, Black Corsair
           Live gear: Ernie Ball Music Man Majesty John Petrucci signature
                           Ernie Ball Music Man JP6 John Petrucci signature
                           Line 6 Flextone 2 HD Head / Traynor Cab

         Massimiliano Flak

           Instrument: Bass & Acoustic Guitars
           Highlord member since: 2013
           Other bands: Sound Storm
           Live gear: Overload Custom Shop Chrono 5 Max Signature
                            Silverblade Titan 7 Amp. Head / DLB 610 Cabinet

         Davide Cristofoli

           Instrument: Keyboards
           Highlord member since: 2016
           Other bands: Ex Sound Storm, Black Corsair (and more...)
           Live gear: Kurzweil K2600

         Luca "T-1000" Pellegrino

           Instrument: Drums & Growls
           Highlord member since: 2000
           Other bands: Dying Awkward Angel
           Live gear: Tamburo Fusion drumkit & Pearl Eliminator dp

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